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Here Are 7 Easy Steps For a Clean Garage This Fall

Posted by edmontonhome on Aug 27, 2018 5:56:00 PM

It's that time again!  Summer is winding down and its almost back-to-school-time, and cleaning you garage is just one more task to get done in the back of your mind. Don't sweat it... here are 7 easy steps that will help you in cleaning your garage this fall.

 1.  Floor Plan

Make a floor plan unique to your garage space.  Shop around for different storage units and items to fit your needs.  You may need:  storage bins, shelving units, wall hooks, toolboxes, etc.


 2. Clear Everything Out and Sort

Take everything out of your garage, and separate your things into 3 piles; sell/donate, keep, throw away.


3.  Clean

Sweep the floor using an industrial size broom.  Hose down the floor, trying to remove all oil or grease stains.  Use your regular indoor floor cleaning product for a fresher smell!


4.  Arrange

Sort your keep pile into sections such as: winter maintenance, summer recreation and sports, tools and hardware, automotive supplies, lawn maintenance, and heavy or large equipment (ex. snowblowers, lawnmowers).


5.  Map Out

Review your items and leave enough room to park your car and store heavy equipment.  Map out the space and locations for storage bins and how many you'll need, as well as hooks, or shelving for storage. 


6.  Start hanging and Storing 

Hang bikes, ladders, rakes, shovels and other items that don't get used often, on the wall hooks or the ceiling to save more shelving space for your bins. Place all your smaller items in labelled storage bins, and store in easy to access places, such as a low shelf.  


7.  Maintain and Enjoy!

Peridically check on the accessibility and tidiness and make small changes if needed.  Enjoy a clutter free, organized garage! 


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